Project: People Space closed its operations with the end of August 2022 ♥

We recommend the Cluster Cowork.

Delicious Coffee ☕

Is coffee your fuel? It's ours too! We can't imagine a day without the aroma and taste of excellent coffee from a local roasting plant. We don't skimp on coffee 🙂 Come for a demo day and try it for yourself!

People & Pet-friendly ♥

Do you communicate in English? Not a problem! We even speak dog language 😀 And yes! You can bring your pet to the office. We love animals as much as people and ensure a friendly atmosphere for everyone.

Deep Work & Chillout 🚀

60 square meters of green chillout zone! It's the only coworking space in Krakow where you feel the nature ♥ You can focus while working and then relax, chat, sleep, or dance (whatever you feel like doing) in our gigantic chillout zone.

Comfy space for you!

Friendly pricing!

750 PLN

net / desk / month



Number of desks


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Magda Kawecka
+48 504 697 575

Drop by our Space for coffee!
Świętokrzyska 14 /L2/2
30-015 Kraków

Silver Office, Entry C (in front of the ZUS building)